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Abel Quijano

Abel trained Karate and Korean Tae
Kwon Do in his youth. He later
served five years in the US Marine
Corps where he reached his black belt
level in MCMAP consisting of Jiu Jitsu,
Krav Maga, and defensive tactics.
Abel is also certified in Indonesian
-Malaysian knife fighting. He is now
the senior instructor at our branch,
and fully dedicated to the Yee's brand
of the art of Hung Ga.
Matthew Baker
Matt started his training at the age
of 9 with Karate, Muay Thai, Walu,
Chin Na, Wing Chun, and even tried
Choy Lay Fut, until discovering our
S. FL presence. He sought martial
arts to protect himself while growing
up in a rough community. Despite his
extensive experience, Matt had been
searching for our Hung Ga style for
quite some time. Matt is now on a sure
path to becoming a future Yee’s Hung
Ga Sifu.
Jieshun Pan
Jieshun has been training for over
two years under Sifu Wilson Gomez
after training Judo, Karate, Tai Chi,
Kendo and Shorinji Kempo. Jieshun
is now fully committed to Yee’s
Hung Ga, and is also planning on
becoming a Sifu in the future.
Forms Training
We train open hand forms, as well as short and long weapons encompassing all of our fighting applications.
Click the forms button below for a description of each form set.

Using Hung Ga techniques to strengthen and tone the body, and build Kung Fu skills.

Working the forms’ applications to apply the Hung Ga fighting techniques.
The sparring is introduced once the student has a better understanding of the basic techniques.

Ladies Only Classes
This class is reserved for Women’s self defense only creating a less intimidating environment.

Chi-Gon Meditation
Ancient exercises to promote health, mental clarity, and spiritual awakening.

Tai Chi Chuan
China’s National Standard 24 movement set for overall health to any age group.

Yee’s Hung Ga is an authentic martial art system. Our techniques are real, and can be used for real-life scenarios.
As a Southern system, we do not use fancy acrobatics, or gymnastics. Our applications are fast, efficient, and effective.


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