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Grandmaster Yee Chi Wai (Frank Yee) started his Kung Fu training with his father at the early age of
six. He began his formal Tang Fong Hung Ga kung fu training under the tutelage of Grandmaster Yuen
Ling, who was a disciple of Tang Fong, who in turn, was a disciple of the legendary Wong Fei Hung.
Master Yee immersed himself in his Hung Ga training and studied intensively and diligently, and after
many years of dedicated studying, he was rewarded with the Bai See ceremony and became a disciple
to his Sifu. Although Grandmaster Yuen Ling had other disciples who were notable for their Hung Ga
kung fu skills, only Frank Yee has dedicated his life to teaching Tang Fong Hung Ga. Master Yee also
studied Dit Da medicine under the direction of Doctor Sit Chuk Sing, who was famous for his medicinal

In 1968, Grandmaster Yee emigrated from Hong Kong to Montreal, Canada, then to Toronto where he
earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from George Brown University, while teaching Kung Fu.
In 1973, Grandmaster Yee arrived in New York City’s Chinatown and established Yee’s Hung Ga Kung
Fu Academy. With over 30-years of teaching, he currently has students all over the world. There are
Yee’s Hung Ga Kung Fu branches in Toisan China, Europe, Canada, North and South America.

Grandmaster Yee was one of the founding fathers of the Eastern United States Kung Fu Federation
and has served as its President, Vice-President and Secretary. At the request of the Toisan City
government in China, he is currently the President of the Toisan Kung Fu Association, overseeing
martial arts activities for the city of Toisan. He also serves as an advisor to the Wong Fei Hung
Museum in Fatsan, China as well as the coach of the museum’s Traditional Kung Fu Division. He
created the Toisan City Toi Sing Kung Fu Association where he teaches traditional Southern Kung Fu
and Lion Dance. Through this school, he works to revive traditional Southern Kung Fu in China in the
face of the onslaught of Wushu. It is due to his dedication that the people of Southern China are
embracing traditional kung fu once again.

To spread Wong Fei Hung’s Hung Ga and traditional kung fu, Master Yee inaugurated the Wong Fei Hung
Northeastern All Kung Fu Championship tournament in 1996. It has grown each year, attracting over 500
competitors from all over the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Asia, with over 136
divisions including traditional kung fu, modern wushu, fighting, Shuai Jiao, Ba Gua and Tai Chi.

Master Pedro Cepero Yee was introduced into martial arts studies at the age 6 with a local
Filipino family in their native arts. At 10, he formally began to study the arts of Karate, Shuai
Jiao, Wing Chun and his chosen art, Hung Ga Kung Fu. Master Pedro C. Yee is a well-
respected member of the Chinese martial arts community here and abroad. He has
demonstrated his skills by way of performance and seminars across: the United States,
Canada, Bermuda, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Scotland, England, Germany, Trinidad, Malaysia,
Hong Kong, and China. Master Pedro C. Yee is the 8th Senior Yup Sut (Inner Room)
Disciple of Master Frank Yee (Yee Chi Wai) and is also one of the first Americans to be
accepted into the Yee's Family Lineage at the New York Chinatown's Yee Fong Toy
Association and their world headquarters.

Master Pedro C. Yee also has extensive training in Traditional Dit Da (Traumatology
Medicine),Tuina-Chinese Bodywork Therapy and Swedish massage Dit Da Medicine since
under Grandmaster Frank Yee in his NY, Chinatown Clinic between 1987-1991.

Sifu Wilson Gomez Yee’s interest in martial arts began from watching the old classic Kung
Fu movies from the 70’s. In his early teens, he trained Tai Jitsu –an empty hand style of
Ninjitsu, then later tried western boxing, but found it to be very one-dimensional. During the
late nineties he was exposed to the art of Hung Ga Kung Fu. Through his diligent studies he
realized that this particular martial art provided the spiritual path and physical training that he
had been searching for. Sifu Wilson Gomez is now Master Pedro Cepero Yee's Fourteenth
Student to attain the rank of "Jo Gow" (Black Belt), and is proud to be one of his chosen Yup
Sut (Inner-Room) Disciples. Sifu Wilson was a long time assistant to Master Yee at the
Clifton, New Jersey main branch of Yee's Hung Ga International Kung Fu Association.

Sifu Wilson Gomez believes in commitment and in utmost quality. He has studied
Engineering, Mechanics, holds a professional degree in Architecture, and has worked on
signature projects under a World renowned Architect. He has been certified to teach Iron
Wire -the most coveted form in the system, and is currently ranked as a 3rd Dan Jo Gow in
Yee’s Hung Ga Kung Fu. With his Sifu’s assistance, Sifu Gomez developed the Hung Ga
Bodysculpting course -a unique set of exercises that targets, tones and shapes the body
without going to the gym.